The Beyond Embellishments Way

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Beyond Embellishments was created so I can share and promote the work that I do. I have always been creative and put my creativity into good use. I enjoy it so much that I want to make it available to everyone out there. Please take a look at my handmade goods and let me know if there is anything I can custom make for you. 


Featured Collections

Lanyards for Children

From $7

Lanyards designed for children have bigger clasps and bigger beads. Some lanyards have release clips or velcro. We have lanyards specifically for eyewear or for masks. You can always get in touch if you need a customization.


Winter Holiday Collection

From $15

The Winter Holiday Collection ranges from subtle designs to bold and beautifully embellished designs. These lanyards are typically made for both masks and eyewear.

Awareness Collection

From $15

The Awareness Collection has lanyards to promote the awareness to life differences and challenges. We currently have Breast Cancer awareness lanyards and there are more to come.